Smile Cookie week runs September 16th through September 23rd at Tim Hortons. Volunteering at the local Tim Hortons Tuesday morning certainly had its rewards!

Not only because 100% of the proceeds from this week’s Smile Cookie sales will go to towards supporting healthcare in our area, but because of other good things.

One customer who at first ordered 5 cookies, promptly increased it to 10 stating she was going to give them away. I gathered they were destined for family or friends, but found out different. A short while later, 2 ladies on their way out, came up to pick up a few cookies, wanting to tell me how a customer who had earlier walked around giving out cookies to them and others in the restaurant. They had been so impressed by the gesture they wanted to do the same.

Met a young woman who shared she had come in specifically because of Smile Cookie Week – she loves the cookies and the cause!

One couple came up to tell me they hailed all the way from Nova Scotia, wanting to confirm they traveled the furthest for a Smile Cookie!

Chatted as well with a fellow who felt compelled to buy some cookies only because someone was there in person letting him know how the funds raised would be so useful!

Everyone’s support in invaluable!

Stop by this week, buy a Smile Cookie and help move healthcare forward in our community!

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