2023’s Smile Cookie Week runs May 1st through May 7th at Tim Hortons.

2023’s Smile Cookie week runs May 1st to May 7th at Tim Hortons. Celebrating its 27th anniversary this year, the iconic chocolate chunk cookies topped with pink and blue icing drawing out a smile will be available at every participating Tim Hortons restaurant across the country.

The best part? 100% of proceeds from these special cookies will be donated to local charities in which the restaurants operate. The 2022 campaign in Castlegar raised $3,801.29 for the Castlegar & District Hospital Foundation. Proceeds from this year’s local Smile Cookie sales will once again go towards supporting health care at the Castlegar Health Centre and/or Talarico Place.

Since 1996, Tim Hortons Smile Cookie campaign has raised over $92 million across North America. In 2022 in Canada, the country-wide campaign raised over $15 million in one week for over 600 charities, hospitals and community groups! Let’s do our part here to support this generous Tim Hortons initiative and at the same time turn dough into dollars for Castlegar health care!

Everyone’s support is invaluable!

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