The Castlegar & District Hospital Foundation has supported the purchase of a 3rd Activ.A.C. Wound Therapy System for the Castlegar Health Centre. The Health Centre has made extensive use of the devices, seeing significant improvement in the wounds in much shorter periods of time compared to the old method of changing dressings daily. “Some patients will be seen by home care and within one week see such improvement it significantly changes the patients mood from having anxiety to feeling confident the machine will expedite their bodies healing time.”

In Warren Oliver’s words, “I wore it for 2 weeks and it closed it right up”, referring to an incision opening up after an operation. The closure initially consisted of stitches on the inside and glue on the outside, but then likely coughing opened it up leaving him with quite a wide wound. The Activ.A.C. system was determined to be the treatment route, something Warren was glad about. He had heard about other patients using the VAC and being very happy with it. He noted being aware that an earlier model was much larger and heavier but the new one he had was small and very portable, it didn’t bother him at all to wear it, and he was extremely pleased with the results. “It speeded up the recovery…would have been well over a month otherwise”. Warren knew of the high cost of the equipment but after hearing about its virtues and witnessing results first hand he feels it’s well worth it.

Thank you Warren, for telling us your story.

With the community’s generosity, we hope there will be many more grateful patient stories to share.

Remember, “Your donation boomerangs back to You”

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