New Residents To Castlegar Raise Funds!

Posted on Jul 24, 2012

New Residents To Castlegar Raise Funds!

Pat & Curry Morton are new residents to Castlegar. They have been reading about the Foundation and the Light Up 2011 Campaign in the Castlegar News.

So they decided to raise funds by having a garage sale! They raised $115.00 and donated the money to the Light Up 2011 Campaign!

Seen in the photo is Pat & Curry Morton with Director/Nettie Stupnikoff, Treasurer of the CDHF accepting the cash.

They have expressed their sincere thanks for the care they received at the Castlegar & District Community Health Centre.

They commented:

“People are so great in Castlegar and we just felt we needed to do something about moving health care forward.”

Thank you for your donation and welcome to Castlegar!