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The Castlegar & District Hospital Auxiliary Society was formed in the latter part of 1956 and became a member of the British Columbia Association of Health-Care Auxiliaries in 1957. In those days, we were known as the “Ladies’ Auxiliary” and at times, are still referred to as such. However, we do have men that have joined the Auxiliary now.

The volunteers fund raise in the community by operating a thrift store known as the Hospital Auxiliary Treasure Shop. The Auxiliary also operates a Gift Shop that carries brand new clothing from infants to young child sizes. These items are made exclusively for the Auxiliaries’ Gift Shops throughout the province.

By providing this service to the community the Auxiliary has donated approximately $440,000.00 to Health Care.

During Light Up 2011 the Auxiliary donated $8000.00 to monitor/defibrillator and pledged to purchase a space lab monitor upon its arrival to the Emergency Department at the Castlegar Health Centre.

The Castlegar & District Hospital Foundation has received $43,850.00 in donations from the Hospital Auxiliary Society from 2008 to 2011.

Without the Auxiliary’s support, the Foundation would not be able to achieve its goals in fundraising. The Foundation appreciates the work the Auxiliary volunteers do, and for their dedication to moving Health Care forward in Castlegar and surrounding areas.

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